You will observe skin especially T-zone become less oily within 5 days, and further improvement on skin inflammatory, acne development and pore refining should be revealed within 1 month time.

Reverse effect will not happened, but the external attack from pollution and free radicals are strong enough to make your skin breakout again. In order to prevent the problem come over again, we will suggest to continue consume but in a lesser amount for like two days take 1 sachet for maintenance purpose.

No, Kiwi AC+ will not cause new acne development; it would try to eliminate the impurities like comedones and pimples from existing clogged pores without causing inflammation.

No, Kiwi AC+ is fully formulated with natural fruit extract and juices, without any medicated content. So, it won’t burden your kidney or other organ function.

Kiwi AC+ accumulates the functional actives at least 10 times concentrated than normal golden kiwi fruit, acerola cherry, pomegranate, pineapple and red beets. Thus, you might not able to consume and adsorb the fresh fruit at this high quantity; meanwhile the sugar level in fruits might become another concern as well.

Yes, hormonal acne occurred due to excessive secretion of androgen & testosterone which the main factor leads to high sebum production. Thus, Kiwi seed extract inhibit the 5-reductase to convert testosterone into DHT which stimulate sebaceous gland enlargement and sebum hypersecretion. Therefore, it’s definitely may help you to solve the hormonal acne problem.

Yes, you definitely need Kiwi AC+ as topical product only penetrate our skin at most 5mm deep, it may reduce your acne problem for temporary only. Whereby Kiwi AC+ treat your problem from its’ root, by balancing the sebum secretion of the oil glands to achieve oil-free and blemish-free complexion.

It would be helpful and boost up your recovery if you’re using the correct skincare product at the right way. You may seek for products that formulated from natural ingredients with soothing, hydrating and anti-oxidazing properties, such as tea tree oil, aloe vera, chamomile and etc. Try to avoid skincare product with strong drying agent (benzoyl peroxide), highly oil content, comedogenic cosmetic and etc.

It is always advisable to maintain a good lifestyle in order to see an intensive result and maintain it for longer period. Thus, having a good lifestyle is for your health sake!

Yes, we will advise you to stop consuming medicine 7 days before Kiwi AC+. In order to flush out the medicine toxin, it is recommended to increase dosage of vitamin C (1000mg per day) and drink more water.

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