What is Kiwi AC+ Japan Top Selling!
Kiwi AC+ is a natural beauty drink designed from Japan to fight against Asian skin’s troubles. Perfectly balances sebum secretion, while enhances the anti oxidization and anti inflammation properties, giving the most natural solution to clear the acne, refines open pores, lightens post acne marks/scars and strengthen skin’s immunity and self repair.

The secret of Japanese porcelain skins! 日本祛痘の秘法,パーフェクトレシピ

Acne, the signal of health…

About 80% among the skins troubles are mostly related with internal factors such as hormonal imbalance, genetic inherit, stress, unhealthy diet & lifestyle, poor liver & intestinal health. Therefore, solely depends on topical anti acne skincare products might not solve your problem thoroughly and permanently.

Start skin clearing from inside out

Kiwi AC+ always fix the skin problem from its’ root, neutralizes the acne environment as the bacteria multiplies and feeds on blood toxins and excessive production of oil.

Acne Development
Acne is a common skin inflammatory disease that usually appears on face, chest and back. It occurs when the pores of skin being clogged by sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria.

  • Genetics – Acne is inherited from the family acne history. Our genes influence how sensitive of skin react towards hormones changes, bacteria and chemicals.
  • Hormones – Hormones like androgen or testosterone will increase in both boys and girls during puberty, which activate sebaceous gland to enlarge and secret more sebum.
  • Poor liver health – deficiency of liver functions causes accumulation of toxin in body.
  • Inefficient intestinal detoxification – poor intestinal health influence skin inflammation, oxidation stress, nutrients deficiency and accumulation of toxin.
  • Prescribed medications – Some drugs containing hormonal factor like corticosteroid, androgens or lithium which might disturbing hormone balance, which cause to abnormal sebum secretion and development of acne.
  • Oil based cosmetic – Oil based cosmetic contribute excessive oil and greases, which may contribute to the development of acne and even worsen the acne condition.
  • Stress – Our steroid hormones like glucocorticoids and adrenal androgens will be released when we’re under stress. These stress hormones activate the oil gland and potentially to clog your pores, and so to cause breakouts.
  • Diet – Those foods like high carbohydrates and sugars that spike your blood sugar level will need extra insulin to regulate blood sugar level. Thus, the insulin also signals the sebaceous gland to release sebum in excess amount which causes the bacterium P.acnes to proliferate and clog up the follicles.
  • Humidity and environmental pollutants – In summer, the hot weather causes more sebum to be secreted on skin. This can cause blockage to follicles when sebum combines with sweat. The swelling of skin from heat or high water content pressurize your follicles causing inflammation.


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